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How to Get Google to Index Your New Website & Blog Quickly

  • 9th December 2016
Whenever you create a new website or blog for your business, the first thing you probably want to happen is have people find it. And, of course, one of the ways you hope they will find it is through search. But typically, you have to wait around for the Googlebot to crawl your website and add it (or your newest content) to the Google index. So ...
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An Introduction to Web Hosting for Beginners

  • 9th November 2016
Today, most of the people & businesses have their own website. You can create your website on CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla etc. These platforms are affordable(free) & easy to use. With knowledge of website hosting & other services, you can take advantage of Internet boom. In this article, we will discuss about web hosting ...
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Free Setup Fee's Promo "FreeSetup"

  • 20th October 2016
Get a free setup fees with any of our hosting packages. Use promo code "FreeSetup"
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How Much Should a Website Cost

  • 14th October 2016
Where Are The Prices? It is the question every business wants to know and it is the one thing you very rarely find on a web design companies website. Is pricing a website that difficult? For large projects yes it can be for obvious reasons, but for a lot of what we do it is quite easy to provide a provisional ball park figure that should not be ...
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